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Professional Development Workshops: Current Year

APRIL 5, 2018: "R" Statistical Workshop led by Dr. Darren Tanner. 6:30pm, Lincoln Hall 1090. (Pizza will be served. Both pizza & space are limited, so 1st-come, 1st-served. Arrive early for a seat and food.)

Cleaning Behavioral Psycholinguistic Data using R and the Tidyverse

In this workshop we will focus on the what, how, and why for cleaning and summarizing behavioral psycholinguistic data, with a particular focus on a set of R packages known as the Tidyverse. We will discuss why it’s a good idea to overcome fears you have about using R, and why data cleaning and analysis in R will help you process your data more easily, more quickly, and with fewer errors. We will go over the easy, sentence-like syntax that the Tidyverse makes available, including the all-powerful pipe operator (%>%). We will also discuss some conventions for making easy-to-read, sharable code examples, exploratory plotting, and suggested workflows for data cleaning. Time permitting we will also step through an example dataset from a self-paced reading study. We’ll go from messy, noisy input data distributed across multiple files, to cleaned, organized, and nicely plotted summary data, with additional examples of how to length-residualize RT data. This workshop will not focus on the specifics of statistical modeling, but instead how to get your data ready for statistical modeling in a systematic, reproducible, and orderly way.

Some background with basic R will be assumed, particularly with variable assignment (i.e., the <- operator), the basics of functions and arguments (i.e., the stuff that goes with the ( )’s in R), and the basics of indexing (i.e., [ , ] notation and dataframe$variable notation). 

If you need a refresher on indexing before the workshop, check out this link:

All slides, code, and data files will be made available before the workshop.