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SLATE course requirements offered in Fall 2018

Prerequisite: LING 400 – Introduction to Linguistic Structure – graduate section M4 only (4 graduate hours)*

NOTE 1: Courses should be registered for as G4 (4 hours)

NOTE 2: In consultation with teh student's advisor and with approval of the SLATE Director, the student may petition to substitute appropriate courses for those listed below.

Linguistics/Language Structure (2 courses)

Two courses that focus on the structure(s) of English or a second language:

  • LING 501: Syntax I
  • EIL 488: Phonology for Second Language Teachers

*NOTE: Students specializing in linguistics do not need to take LING 400. Instead, they must petitionto have one graduate-level linguistics course count in place of LING 400.

Sociolinguistics/Psycholinguistics (1 course)

  • CI 562: Linguistics in the School Curriculum
  • LING 430: Sociolinguistics I

Second Language Studies (2 courses)

  • LING 489 (cross-listed in multiple Depts): Theoretical Foundations of SLA
  • CI 477: Bilingual ESL Methods & Materials
  • EIL 587: Seminar in the Teaching of ESL

Research Methods (2 courses)

One course from the following:

  • EIL 460/GER 460/ EPSY 487 (and others): Principles of Language Testing
  • EPSY 480: Educational Statistics


An advanced course in quantitative or qualitative research (selected in consultation with student's advisor) that is related to the student's research topic including (but not limited to) courses on the following list:

  • EPSY 584: Multivariate Analysis in Psychology & Education
  • EPSY 580: Statistical Inference in Education
  • EPSY 582: Advanced Statistical Methods
  • SOC 583: Qualitative Research Methods


List of the courses offered in previous semesters